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RYW1 Series intelligent universal circuit breaker



RYW1 series ielligent universal circuit breaker (hereinafter referred to as the circuit breaker), suitable for AC 50Hz, rated voltage up to 660V (690V) and below as well as 400A ~ 6300Arated current distribution network, which is used to distibute electic energy and protect circuit and power supply equipment from being harmed by overload, under-voltage, short circuit, single-phase grounding and other faults. Circuit breaker has intelligent protection function and selective protection accuracy, which can improve the reliability of power supply and avoid unnecessary power outages. At the same time, it carries an open communication interface, thus can conduct "four remote controls" so as to meet the requirements of control center and automation system. The circuit breaker has impulse withstand voltage of 8000V at an altitude of 2000 meters (different alitude can be amended according to the standard, the maximum value should not be more than 12000V). The circuit breaker does not have itelligent contoller and sensor which can be used as a separator, markedas_ Jw - . Circuit breakers comply with GB14048.2-2008 standard.



1. According to the installation mode: a. fixed type; b. drawer type

2. According to the number of poles: three-pole, four-pole

3. According to the operating mode: a. Electric operation; b. manual operation (overhaul, maintenance)

Release types:

Inelligent release, under-voltage instantaneous (or delayed) release, shunt release.

Intelligent controller performance:

a. Intelligent controller is divided into: H type(communication type), M type (general itelligent type), L type (economic type);

b. It has the overload long-time delay inverse time limit, shor-time delay inverse time limit, constant time-lag and instantaneous function, which can be set by user to form the required protective features;

C. Single-phase grounding protection function;

d. Display function: setting current display, action current display, display of voltage in each line (voltage display should be presented when ordering);

e. Alarm function: overload alarm;

f. Self-check function: overheating protection self-check, microcomputer self diagnosis;

g. Test function: test the operating characteristic of release.

Normal working conditions

The ambient temperature shall not exceed 40C, and not less than -5'C, daily 24h average not exceeds +35C.

Note: if lowest is -10C or -25C, please declare towards our company; if actual working temperature may be more than 40C or less than -25C, please discuss with manufacturer.

Altitude not more than 2000m.

Atmosphere conditions:

Relative humidity shall not exceed 50% at 40C, at lower temperature, higher humidity is allowed, on dampest month the maximum humidity is 90%, meanwhile the lowest average temperature is 25C, and in consideration of dew on the product surface due to temperature change.

Protection grade: IP30.

Pollution grade: I.

Usage category: B class.

Mounting category:

Main circuit, under-voltage release and primary winding of transformer for power source: IV class, the other axiliary circuit and control circuits: II class. Mounting conditions:

The circuit breaker shall be mounted according this manual, vertical sloping angle not exceed 5° (not over 15° for mining used breaker).

Structure overview

The fixed circuit breaker is mainly composed of contact system, ielligent controller, manual operating mechanism, electric operating mechanism and mounting plate.

The drawer circuit breaker is mainly composed of contact system, itelligent controller, manual operating mechanism, electric operating mechanism and drawer seat.

The circuit breaker adopts three-dimensional arrangement, with the advantages of compact structure and small size. The contact system is enclosed in the insulating base, its each phase contact is also separated by an insulating plate, forming several small chambers, and the itelligent controller, manual operation mechanism and electric operation mechanism are orderly arranged in the front to form independent units; if one unit is broken, the whole units can be removed and replaced by the new one.

Drawer type circuit breaker is composed of plug-in circuit breaker and drawer seat. The guide rail inside the drawer seat can pull in and out, the seat of circuit breaker is located in the guide rail to enter and exit drawer. The main circuit gets through by the plug-in connection of the bus on plug-in circuit breaker and the bridge contact on the drawer seat.

Drawer type circuit breaker has three working positions: "connection” position, "test" position and "separation" position. Position change is achieved by rotating the handle in or out, the indication of three positions are indicated by a pointer on the beam of drawer seat.

When it is in the "connection" position, the main circuit and the secondary circuit are both connected; when itis in the "test" position, the main circuit is disconnected and is separated by the insulation clapboard, only the secondary circuit is connected, which enables it carry out some necessary action tests; whenitis in the "separation' ”position, the main circuit and the secondary circuit are both disconnected. Furthermore draw-out type circuit breaker has mechanical interlock, only when breaker is in "connection" or "test" position, breaker can be closed, when in the middle between the "connection" and "test" position, breaker can t be closed.

Interlock mechanism of circuit breaker (suitable for drawer type and fixed type) (the user can select SHIQ1 dual power automatic switching device in our factory, so as to achieve the automatic switching of dual power supply. See the details in product sample).

The functions of M type intelligent over-current controller

Ammeter function

It can display each phase current, earthing fault leakage current, at normal status, it will display the maxi phase current, and it can display the seting currents, test and fault currents and setting time.

Voltmeter function

Able to display each of line vlltage, at normal status it will display the maxi phase voltage

Remote monitor and sell-diagnose

①The controller has self-diagnosed function. When computer happen to fault, it can display" E" (error) or produce alarm, meanwhile it will restart, if required by user, it can break the breaker.

2 When partial ambient temperature up to 80°C, it can produce alarm, and if required by user, it can break the breaker at the smaller current.

③The ielligent contoller has the outputs of overloading. earthing fault, short circuit, load monitoring, pre-alarm, tipping indication (OCR) and etc signals via contacts or optic coupling, this can help user control remotely, contact ratings: DC28V, 1A; AC125V, 1A.

Setting function

Through the four keys of "SET, +,”, SAVE" it can set all parameters of the controller. Push SET to the parameter you want to set (shown by its related indicator), then push + or - to adjust the parameter to the right value, push SAVE, if its indicator flash one time, that's mean successful saving 1 value being set. The protective setting values can't be intercrossed. After the controller is out of power and reset, push SET again, it can display all setting parameters in turn for check.

Test function

Through SET,+,, TRIP, NOTTRIP, RESET keys, it can check all prolective characteristics.uilize SET,+. -keys to adjusta sirulated (test) fault curent (cauton: dont save). Then push TRIPor NOTTRIlP key to est, the controllerwill enter into fault processing status, push TRIP,the breaker open, push NOT TRIP,breaker not open, but the indication status is normal.After test,it shall push RESET or CLEAR, then allowed for other test.

Note: in order to make test convenient,no maer set as trip or alarm for the earthing leakage curent itwill only perform trpping in this test, furthermore this prolection not prior to overoading protection. During test,once fault happen, the controllerwill automatically stop all test and enter into faultproces.

Load monitoring function

Set two paramelers: lL.c1 setting range (0.2~1)1n, Lc2 setling range (0.2~1)n,Lc1 delay as inverse time linit time seling is 12oflong delayseting tirme: lLc2 delay has two kinds: frst is inverse time liit,time seting is 14of long delay, second is definte time lmt,delay is b0s.For ths to kinds of delay functions the front one used to break the not important loads, when current closed to overoading seing current,the later is used for when curent exceed lLc1 seling value,delay to send a signal to trip the not important load at downstream,the current drop down, kep power supply for main circuitand important loads.when current come down tolLc2, it ill elay to send a signal to close the load that cut of belore, let the system recover power suppy.Tthe user can choose any of two above-mentioned monitoring functions.The characteristics as figure 3 and 4.

MCR trip and simulated trip protection function

According to user requirement, this function can be closed.When to perform test of short delay tripping, it shall be closed.

1.MCR making and breaking proltecton is mainly used in the case that it close where line fault occur (at the moment of controller being electifid) the controller has the function of breaking low times of rated current.Defaultset as 10KA,error +20%,also adjustable as required.

2.The controller is also set that it i allwed to direcly send a signal of trpping without reatment of main machine in the case of large short circuit curent occurring.

Thermal memory function

After contollr delay to trip overloading or short circuit fault, before controller is out of power supply it has memory function of simulated binelal plat characleristics, overloading energy will be released within 30min,short delay tipping energ wll be released within 15min, duing this period,if overocad short circuit happen again, the tripping time will ecome shorter if controller out of power supply, the energy memory cleared as zero automatcally.