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RYCM1L Series plastic case circuit breaker



The three-phase residual current protection module makes up for the defects of the existing similar products at home and abroad;

Rated residual operating current and maximum break time can be adjusted according to the actual situation;

The product has the function of residual current relay, and the light alarm does not trip, two is made one for circuit breaker and relay;

Comply with GB14048.2-2008 standards;

The shape of the shell is the same as that of the same shell frame SHIM1 series moulded case circuit breaker, installation has good interchangeability.


RYCM1L series moulded case circuit breaker with residual current protection (abbr. breaker), operating in the distribution line of AC50Hz, rated operating voltage 400V rated current up to 630A, its rated insulation voltage is 800V, used to not frequently transfer the line or start the motor. The breaker has the protection functions of overloading. short circuit, and under-voltage, able to protect the line and equipment from being damaged. Meanwhile it can provide the protection against the earthing fault that over current protection device can't detect but exist long term and may result in fire risk.

The breaker can be divided into three kinds: L type (standard type), M type (middle type), H type (high breaking type). It has such advantages as small size, high breaking capacity, short arcing distance (some has zero arc), anti-vibration and etc, is the ideal products for land or vessel.

The product can be mounted vertically or horizontally.

The product not llowed to interchange the incoming and outgoing lines (source line and load line), terminals 1, 3, 5 can only connected to source line, terminals 2, 4, 6 connected to load line.

Circuit breaker classification

Classified according to pole No.: 3P and 4P. For 4P breakers, they divided into four kinds furthermore:

A type: N pole without over-current release, and N pole always closed, not switched together with other 3 poles;

B type: N pole without over-current release, and N pole switched together with other 3 poles(N pole closed in advance or opened later);

C type: N pole with over-current release, and N pole switched together with other 3 poles(N pole closed in advance or opened later);

D type: N pole with over-current release, and N pole always closed, not switched together with other 3 poles.

Wiring mode classified: front connection type, rear connection type, and insertion type.

According to over-current release type: thermal-electromagnetic(combined) type, electromagnetic (instantaneous) type.

The breaker can be provided with accessory or without accessory;

The accessory have inner accessories and outer accessories: inner accessories including: shunt release, under-voltage release, leakage alam unit module, auxiliary contact, alarm contact, five kinds;

Outer accessories including rotating handle operating mechanism, motor operating mechanism.

Applicable working environment and installation conditions

Alitude not more than 2000m.

The ambient temperature shall not exceed 40C, and not less than -5C, daily 24h average not exceds +35C (Except for special order).

The air relative humidity at the installation site shall be no more than 50% which is +40C at the highest temperature, at lower temperature, higher humidity is allowed, on dampest month the maximum humidity is 90%, meanwhile the lowest average temperature is 25C, and in consideration of dew on the product surface due to temperature change.

Pollution grade: II.

The mounting category of main circuit is l; The mounting category of axiliary circuit and control circuit not connected to main circuit is I;

The mounting site shall have no explosive risk, or other medium not enough to corrode the metal or damage the insulation, or no conductive dusts;

Where there is no rain or snow;

The circuit breaker shall be installd according to the instruction of the product.

Main features

Working source of common leakage protection module sampled from two phases, this series breaker sampled from three phases, if any of phase is lost,

the leakage protection module can still work normally;

Maximum break time at rated residual tripping current IOn is adjustable according to the actual conditions;

When phase voltage drop down to 50V, leakage protection module can still work normally;

With leakage alarm output function;

Outline and figure same as SHIM1L series breaker for same specifcation, installation has good interchangeability.