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RYCM1 Series plastic case circuit breaker



Comply with GB14048.2-2008 standards;

Rated insulation voltage:8oov;

Frame size rated current:63A,10OA.225A.400A.630A,8O0A;

High breaking capacity: up to 100kA;

Reasonable design,safe and reliable,small size,light weight,beautiful appearance;

Accessories everything,quick installation, easy to use,strong applicability


RYCM1 series moulded case circuit breaker (abbr.breaker),is new style circuit breaker designed by our company,adoping interational latest manufacturing technology.Its rated insulation voltage is 690V,(500V for SHM1-63),the breaker is operating in the distribution line of AC50Hz,rated operating voltage 690V  and below,rated working current up to 800A,to not frequently transfer the line or start the motor.The breakers have the protection functions of overloading, short circuit,and under-voltage,able to protect the line and equipment from being damaged.

According to ultimate short circuit breaking capacity,the breaker can be divided into three kinds:L type (standard type),M type (middle type).H type(high breaking type).It has such advantages as small size,high breaking capacity,short arcing distance (some has zero arc),anti-vibration and etc,is the ideal products for land or vessel.

The product can be mounted vertically or horizontally.

The product not allowed to interchange the incoming and outgoing lines (source line and load line),terminals 1,3,5 can only connected to source line, teminals 2.4.6 connected to load line.

Suitable working environment

Altitude not more than 2000m;

Ambient temperature not higher than+40C(45℃ for vessel use type) and not lower than -5℃;

Pollution grade: II;

it can withstand the common moisture atmosphere;

lt can withstand the influence of common salty fog, oil fog;

it can resist the mildew influence;

Maxi mounting sloping angle: ±22.5°;

The breaker can work reliably at normal vibration of vessel;

lt can reliably work at the earthquake degree of 4g;

The mounting site shall have no explosive risk,or other medium not enough to corrode the metal or damage the insulation,or no conductve dusts; Where there is no rain or snow.