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RYGL Series compound switch



RYGL series load isolation switch is suitable for AC 50Hz, rated voltage 660V, DC rated voltage up to 440V, conventional thermal current up to 3200Ain the power distribution equipment of industrial enterprise, to non-frequently make and break the circuit and electric isolating. It is widely used in the distribution system and automation system of architecture, electric power, petrochemical and other industries.

RYGLZ changeover load isolation switch is composed of two RYGL load isolation switch on or around and is arranged and stacked. It is suitable for dual power supply to switch or two load equipment to transform and security isolation.

The switch complies with standard of IEC60947-3, GB14048.3.

The switch has a god-looking outline and various functions, being very novel, simple and small dimensioned, which is the best choice among the similar products.

Switch characteristics

The switch adopts modularized design and is suitable for making and breaking of elecric circuit or eletic isolation. Switches over 1000A are only suitable for electric isolation.

The operation mechanism is an elastic accumulating acceleration mechanism for instant release, which makes instant on and off of the double breakpoint contact. It increases greatly various electric properties and mechanical properties.

The switch adopts glass fiber reinforced unsaturated polyester molding plastic and manual operating handle, with very high dieletic properies, protection and reliable operation safety.

Switch has 3 poles, 4 poles (3P + on and off neutral pole).

Mark window is set in the front side to indicate the on and off state of the contact. Rear observation window can be provided according to the demand to observe directly the on and off state of the contact, to ensure the safety and relibility of switching operation.

The handle can be directly installed in the switch operation (referred to as the cabinet operation), can also be lengthened shaft in the power distribution cabinet door operation (referred to as the operating outside cabinet), provides convenient operation.

It can be normally open normally closed auxiliary contact and the insallation of special plate and the plate before the board wiring way according to the needs, to meet the various needs of customers.

In the breaking position "0", can be used two to three to lock the handle, to prevent misoperation.