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Control and protection switch (New)



Namely control protective switching device is a new style products in low-voltage electric apparatus, developed in China, fll the blank in 1990s, as a new product kinds, complies with standards of IEC60947-6-2 "Low-voltage switchgear and controlgears Part VI Multifunctional electric apparatus Section2: Control and protective switching device" Edition 1, August, 1992; GB14048.9-1998 "Low-voltage switchgear and controlgears Multifunctional electric apparatus Section 2:Control and protective switching device" (Eqv.IEC60947-6-2). Electric design code/symbol as IEC and national standard as below drawing. 

Series control and protective switching device is that it has integrated with control and protection functions, able to replace the whole combination of circuit breaker (fuse), contactors, overloading (over-current, phase failure) protective relay, starter, isolator, motor comprehensive protection device, and etc. The can be controlled remotely and automatically, or by hand locally. It provides coordinated time-current protective characteristics, automatic cooperation between control and protection, continuous operating after short circuit. The produce has such advantages of high breaking capacity, short arcing distance, and long servicing life. All protective current settings are adjustable, easy operation, various accessory modules, can control and protect motor load, and distribution loads.

Have completely solved those problems of bad cooperation between control and protection resulted from improper selection and settings for each independent components (generally circuit breaker or fuse + contactor + overloading relay), specially the problem coming from that each component complied with dfferent standards, protective and control characterstics are not coordinated, greatly improving the reliability and continuity of system operating. 

The first generation of has some big size, adopts bi-metal protection technology, the second generation is smaller, but protective technology isremained as before. Along with micro-electronic technology is more and more widely used in low-voltage electric apparatus, our company based on this chance,researched and developed the international advanced level products of KP0, integrated the independent components and their advantages, with full functions,reliable performance, provide a better solution for simplifying and optimizing the low-voltage distribution and control system.


Product classification

1.Working theory: electronic release, intelligent release

2.Protected objects: motor protected, distribution protection

3.Operating frequency: frequent operation,non-frequent operation

4.Connection modes: front connection,rear connection,insertion type

Function and application

adopted moduled single structure, integrated the functions of crcuitbreaker(fuse), contaclors, overoading (or over-current,phasefailire) relay startr isolator, motor comprehensive prolective device and elc, able to be contolled locally by hand or automatlcally and remotely, provides panelindicalion and signal alarm function,also over,under-volage protection,phasefallure proltection,under-current, and absent power proteclions are provided, wit coordinated time-current protective characteristics , (overioading inverse time limt,definie time lit,short crcitintanlaneous,lage short transientrppng four-stage proleclive characleristics), alsoit can provide the optionalfuncton module or accessories as required, to control and protect molor load, and istribution loads.

is mainly operaing the system of AC50(60)Hz,rated voltage up to 690V,main rated current fom 1A to 125A,adjustable working current from 0.4A to 100A,to make, cary and break the working curent, or over-current as specfied,also make,cary and break the current at abnormal condtions(such as short circuit) as specified.

Application field

Since the series product has the functions of control and prolection of inlegraled,modular compact stucture,high levelof prolecion of environmentlal polltion, high breaking short-circuit current capacity.short arcing distance,long electica lfe, complele protection functon,continuous operation performance and high reliability, corvenientinstallation ,corvenient operation and maintenance with advanlages elc, therelore paricuary suitable for thefllowing system:

1.Distribution, motor protection and control system in metallurgy,coaling, steel, petrochemical,seaport,vessel,railiway and etc.

2.Electrical control and proteclive series in modern buildings illuminating, power converter, pumps, fans,air conditoning, fire fighting and et.

3.Motor control center(MMC),especally the power control and protection system of electric control system of intelligent or require the rated breaking capacity up to 8OkA.

4.Single motor control and protection system of factory or workshop

5.lllumination system remotely controlled.

Product main features

Compared with the system composed of the independent components (see table 1)

1.Automatic cooperation between control and protection

Integrates with control and proltections, equivalent to the whole system composed of circuit breaker (use) + contaclor +t thermal relay + aullarydevices,well solve the coordination problem between control and protection what the system composed of independent componens is ifiut o dealwith This prolection and control cooperation is more perfect(with inverse time linit delite time limit, and instantaneous three-stage proleclive characteritlcs) we can choose this single product only accordig to loading power or curent, to substitute the whole set of components from powerincoming to load sides what shall be sued, it does not need to consider derating coefficient, greatly reduce the job of technicians.

2.Excellent servicing reliability and continuity

After the KkPO break short circuitcurent it can put into operation again without maintenance, namely operation contiuity after short circuit fult Afer

test of breaking shor circut current itil have more than 600 cycles of electical endurance atAC-44, which the separatle system is ifiult to meet with,

this performance can high improve the relaility and continuity of servicing, operating short circuit breaking capacity los up to 8OkAl, this keeps lading la

over the world and highest level in China.

Compared with moulded case circuit breaker

1.This product has the features of higher breaking capacity,shorter arcing distance and etc.

At380V,KPO rated operating short clrcuit breaking capacity cs (o-cO-Co) reach up to 8O%A, standard type:50kA,economic type:35%kA,the breaking time at5OkA prospectve short circuit current only 2-3ms, current limiting coeficent less than 0.2, as the best level for moulded case crcuitbreaker,closed to current limiting fuse,greatly limit the short circuit current impacting on the system, arcing distance less than 30mm.

2.Compared with moulded case circuit breaker, the setting currents for protection in KPO can be adjustable.

Therrmal release of KPO(inverse) magnetic trpping current (definite) current can be adjusted on the panel,which is in aditon to thermal overload prolecton curent conventional according to load power selling (rl extermal adjustment range of 0.4~1le) overoading prolective curent can be also adjusled on panel to fow through the (ir2 distribution load adjustment range is 3-6lr1). Better than that the moulded case circut breaker can t be adjusted after its delivery. consequently if KPO installed on the end of the line, and short circuit current is smia itstill have good short circuitproleclion funclion.

Compared with contacts

Longer servicing life, easier operation.Mechanicalif ofKkPO rach up to5~10×10' coycles, elecricalie atAC-43is1.2~1.5x10* cycles,not only operated locally by hand,also perform automatic control function remotely.

Other features

1.Full accessories

Auilliry contacts, signal alarm contact, operating mechanism on door or drawer,conversion module of the control ircuit and etlc.Tme sole product can perform complete control and protection,and realize the coordinated control and protection.

2.Flexible installation angle

Horizontal, vertical mounting and etc all do not influence on its perfomances, it can be widely used in compact complele set equipment incuding fied or draw-out type MCC panel, such excellence that the system with separate components can t perform.

3.Safe and reliable,high protection degree

All of front, rear or insertion connections have reatment of preventing from firger touching itcan be endosed with high protective grade shol, up to lP865, itispecialyused in tvil wet locations,underground room,pump room,coaling well port, vessel, petrochemical fild and etc. At presentit s ideal substlitute for electromagnetic starter, or protective combination starter.