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RYGQ Series automatic over and under voltage protector



RYGQ series self multiple fll-automnatic over and under voltage delay time protector is based on a new generation of eletrical protection device developed by our company at present market. Protection device is composed of an electronic circuit, which adopts modular standard production, excellent performance reliability. It can work normally in abnormal voltage. When the network voltage is over action voltage of protector, protector can rapidly, reliably cut off the circuit, in order to protect the safety of household electrical appliances. When the mains voltage is restored, the protector can automatically switch on the power, power is restored, all functions are implemented automatically, without personnel to operate. On the panel of the two-color light- emitting diode protector working condition indication. The normal power supply indicator light green, protection function starting to cut off power supply when the red light is on. The seres of products has compact structure, beautiful appearance, it is istalled with DZ47(C45) rall generlly.