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RY7LE-63 Series leakage circuit breaker



RY7LE-63 series electric leakage circuit breaker is operating the line of AC 50Hz, rated single phase voltage 230V, three phase voltage 400V, rated current up to 63A, when somebody touch the line or the line has electric leakage more than the setting value, the leakage circuit breaker can automatically cut off the power supply within 0.1s, to protect personnel from electric shock and prevent the accident resulted from leakage current, also used to protect from overloading, short circuit and etc, and used to not frequently switch on/off the distribution line at normal conditions.

The product suits for the lighting and distribution line in industrial, commercial, civil use houses and similar buildings, operated by common person, without maintenance.

The product complies with GB/T16917.1 -2014. GB/16917.22-2008 standards.

Structure characteristics

RY7LE-63 series electric leakage circuit breaker is composed of leakage trpping device and SM7-63 miniature circuit breaker, consequently it same time-current characteristics as SM7-63. The final assembly be finished in the factory or on working site. Characteristics of leakage tripping set by factory user can't adjust it, not llowed to dismantle the leakage circuit breaker, or it may do infuence on it performance

There has provided a special indicator for leakage trpping, only after the indicator is reset, the eletic leakage circuit breaker can be close again. Also TEST pushbutton (elf-reset) is provided for test monthly if the electric leakage circuit breaker is good or bad.

Normal working conditions

Ambient temperature: -5℃ ~ +40℃, average per a day not more than +35℃, if out of this scope, please discuss with factory;

Altitude not over 2000m;

Atmosphere condition: the air shall be clean, at highest temperature 40℃, the relative humidity shall not exceed 50%,at lower temperature, higher humidity allowed, such as at 20℃, humidity 90% allowed. In case of dew resulted from temperature change, treatment shall be taken to prevent (such as drainage hole);

Pollution grade: ll;

Mounting category: I;

Mounting conditions: the sloping angle between mounting surface to vertical surface shall not exceed士5° ; Istallation of the external magnetic field, any direction should not exceed 5 times the eath's magnetic field

Impact and vibration: the mounting site shall have no obvious sway, impact or vibration.

Main technical parameters

Tripping characteristics: C(5In-10In),D(10In-20In)

Rated residual action current: 30mA

The residual current breaking time: ≤0.1s

Wiring: the use of clamps with the terminal, can be connected to 25mm'and below the wire.

Meeting the standard: GB/T16917.1-2014,GB/T16917.22-2008

Installation: standard guide rail type TH35-7.5

Quality certification: 3C certification.