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RYQ5Series PC level dual power automatic transfer switch



Control device: built-in controller

Product structure: small size, high current,simple structure,ATS integration

Features: fast switching speed, low failure rate,convenient maintenance,

                reliable performance

Connection: front connection

Conversion mode: power on the grid, grid generator,

auto-charge & auto-recovery

Frame current:100,160,250,400.630,800,1250,1600,2500,3200

Product current: 20,32,40,63,80,100,125,160,200,225,250,315,400,500,630,800.1000,1250,1600,2000,2500,3200A

Product classification: load switch type

Pole No.:2,3,4

Standard: GB/T14048.11

ATSE:PC class

Control characteristics

1.Basic type: main-standby power supply,automatic charge and automatic recovery.

l、 type: electric power-electric power(full-automatic);

ll、 type: full-automatic, force“o” , remote control, with generator.

2.Basic type switch control characteristics:

Apply to the main and standby systems of two power sources,automatic charge and automatic recovery; Can be externally connected to expand the function.

Performance and features

Adopt double row composite contact, horizontal pulling mechanism, micro-machine pre-stored energy and micro electronic control technology, basically realize zero flashover (no arc extinguishing chamber):

Adopt reliable mechanical interlock and electrical interlock, the executive component adopts independent load-disconnector switch, safe and reliable use; Adopt current-zero position technology, under emergency situations, it can be forced to zero setting (cut off two power supply at the same time), meet the needs of fire control linkage;

The swithover of execution load isolating switch is driven by the single motor, the switchover is stable and reliable, without noise, small impact force; The current only passes through the manipulator d riving motor at the moment when the execution load-disconnector switch is switched on, no need to provide working current in steady operation, significantly save energy;

The execution load-disconnector switch is equipped with a mechanical interlock device to ensure that the common and standby power supply work reliably without interference;

Own obvious the on-off position indicating and padlock functions, which reliably achieves isolation between the power supply and the load;

Good safety performance, high degree of automation, high relability, its service life is more than 8000 times;

Mechanical-electrical integration design, the switch is accurate, flexible and smooth; use international advanced logic control technology; strong anti-inter-ference ability, external interference free:

Three kinds of stable work (-0-): the main power supply closes, standby power supply opens; the main power supply opens, standby power supply closes;

the main power supply and standby power supply both opens;

Easy to install, the control circuit adopts the plug-in terminal connection;

Four kinds of operating functions: emergency manual operation, electric remote control operation, emergency disconnection operation in automatic control state and automatic control operation.