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Theme education presents the State Grid adhering to the original intention


Report: since the launch of the second batch of education on the theme of "never forget your original mind and keep your mission in mind", all participating units of State Grid Corporation of China have resolutely implemented the decision-making and deployment of the Central Committee, implemented the requirements of the 12th circuit supervision group of the Central Committee, closely combined with the reform and development and the first line of serving the people, under the unified arrangement of the Party group of the company, with a wide range of points, complex situations and heavy tasks, and high quality To promote all kinds of work, we are full of respect and admiration for the State Grid, which adheres to its original aspiration.

Recently, Kou Wei, the party secretary and chairman of the State Grid Corporation, pointed out that the "three further steps" should ensure that the theme education was promoted effectively and ensure that the "four in place" ensured that the second batch of thematic education achieved real results; the party central group of the company insisted on the demonstration and drive learning and concentrated learning for 4 times, and all the units were closely learning the new Xi Jinping when they were learning from Xi Jinping. The party members and cadres at all levels should take the lead in carefully reading the selected and compiled, the party constitution and the outline, strengthen the "Four Consciousness", strengthen the "four self-confidence" and achieve the "two maintenance"; according to the actual work at the grassroots level and the acceptance of Party members, innovate methods and methods, carry out initial forum, micro party class, night class, etc., and support more than 30000 members The Secretary of the Ministry has a comprehensive rotation training to create a strong learning atmosphere.