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Strong demand for ribbon cable: the global market size is expected to reach 4.37 billion US dollars in 2025


Recently, the insight partners, a technology market research institution, released a research report on the ribbon cable market. According to the report, the global ribbon cable market is expected to reach US $4.37 billion by 2025, with an annual compound growth rate of 8.9%.

Traffic explosion promotes demand growth

At present, with the rapid development of high-definition video, teleconference and other multimedia applications, people have higher and higher requirements for network transmission rate. Therefore, people begin to use a large number of multi-core optical cables in LAN, building backbone cabling, data center and other fields to meet the needs of high bandwidth and high density network. Ribbon optical cable is a common multi-core optical cable, which has core It has the advantages of large number, small size, high density, fast connection, easy maintenance, etc. it is a common type of optical cable in modern data center.

In the future, the increasing deployment of data centers around the world has led to an increase in the use of ribbon cables. The technology of data real-time transmission needs high bandwidth media, and high bandwidth needs to be realized by ribbon cable. In addition, due to the development trend of cloud computing, big data and the Internet of things, ribbon cable will usher in explosive growth in the era of Internet data explosion.