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Jingao is the first key technology breakthrough of liquid solar fuel synthesis in China


Recently, the first large-scale demonstration project of liquid solar fuel synthesis in China was officially put into operation. Jingao solar power supplies all efficient perc components for the 10MW photovoltaic power generation system supporting the project, which helps to make breakthroughs in key technologies of liquid solar fuel synthesis in China and promote the development of clean energy and the reform of energy structure in China.

After the completion of the liquid solar fuel synthesis demonstration project, solar power will be used to produce hydrogen from electrolytic water, hydrogen and carbon dioxide will react to synthesize fuels and chemicals such as methanol, so as to realize carbon dioxide emission reduction and sustainable utilization of carbon resources. It is the first real project in China to produce methanol from clean energy such as Taiyang energy, which is conducive to reducing the excessive dependence of chemical industry on fossil resources The current situation of the source has important ecological and environmental effects and application prospects, and has a significant and far-reaching impact on the global new energy industry. The project is located in Lanzhou City, Gansu Province, with abundant sunshine resources and large temperature difference throughout the year. The high-efficiency perc components supplied by Jingao have excellent temperature coefficient, low light power generation capacity and reliable performance, which can still output power efficiently in extreme weather and environment, effectively ensure the stability of the power station system, guarantee the power supply of subsequent hydrogen production units, so as to realize the production of hydrogen from electrolytic water, and continuously provide Clean fuel. Jingao has always been committed to R & D and mass production of high-performance photovoltaic products, leading the photovoltaic industry with advanced product technology, promoting high-efficiency technology innovation and large-scale application, and helping the development of global renewable energy.