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Rongyu Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. is one of the famous manufacturers of electrical components in China. The company is located in Liushi Town, Yueqing City, Zhejiang Province, which is the "capital of China's electrical appliances", "International Electrical City" and "export base of China's low-voltage electrical appliances". The plant area is adjacent to national highway 104, only 5 km away from the exit of Ningbo Taizhou Wenzhou expressway, with road transportation in all directions, so as to ensure the arrival of goods; the sea is directly from Wenzhou, Shanghai, Ningbo and other ports; the railway transportation is directly from Wenzhou Railway Station to all parts of the country; the air is directly from Wenzhou Yongqiang Airport.

The company is an integrated enterprise engaged in the processing, production and sales of distribution switch control equipment, complete electrical equipment, electrical materials, fire alarm monitoring and detection equipment. The main products are: dual power automatic transfer switch, control and protection switch electrical appliance, electrical fire monitoring detector, intelligent digital display meter, multi-functional power instrument, self compound over and under voltage protector, small circuit breaker, small leakage circuit breaker accessories, molded case circuit breaker, molded case leakage circuit breaker, load isolation switch, motor soft starter, intelligent leakage comprehensive protector, intelligent More than 600 kinds of products and products, such as type a universal circuit breaker, have successively obtained UL, CCC and other domestic and foreign certification certificates.








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